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3 week post opp still in so much pain


Hi i had a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago still in alot of pain cant do anything for myself.

I had endos removed from my ovaries, vagina, rectrum, uterus and behind my womb. Was in theatre for 4 hours.

I cant stand up for long if im doing cooking or laundry im out of it and cant move after that.

Is that normal will it take time to recover?? Im really worried.

My next appointment with my gynaecologist is in October so i don’t know what to do i spoke to my gp he just given me strong pain killers. 😪

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Did you have excision surgery!?

3 weeks is still very early days so I wouldn’t worry too much.

I’m 9 days post excision and still getting twinges. I feel very overwhelmed and emotional at times aswell with everything. I just want to break down and cry when I see things need doing but I can’t do them.

Life is so fricking hard xx

Yeah i had excisions and I feel the same always having emotions breakdowns

I’m four weeks post op tomorrow and still in quite some pain too. Looks like a waiting game I’m afraid.

Saying this, I did see quite some improvement overnight once. Hoping you have a speedy recovery from now x

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