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First gynae appointment (with Mr Becker), what should I expect?


I've have a gynaecologist appointment coming up and it's my first one so I'm wondering what I should expect? I have a lot of the symptoms of endometriosis so my mum and I want to get it checked out before I go back to uni in a couple of months. I'm a virgin and so am just very nervous about what to expect examination wise etc?? Also it's with Dr Christian Becker so if anyone has had an individual experience with him and knows what he's like, I'd love to hear about it (feel free to message me)!!

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Hey, they will just ask about your symptoms and if you have tried different painkillers and hormone treatments.

Some gynaes recommend surgery straight away but most will try hormones and painkillers first since surgery can cause more problems in the future.

Best to write everything down so you don’t forget and any questions you may have.

They will probably do a pelvic exam which aren’t nice but the gynae and nurse will normally talk to you. Don’t worry, if your uncomfortable, tell them and they will stop the examination.

It’s a long battle, it took me 7 gynaes to find the right one who is doing my lap at the end of the month hopefully xx

Feel free to message me with any questions as I’m probably around the same age as you and know how stupid the doctors can make us feel xx

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