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So Swollen After Laparoscopy!!


Hi All .

I had my second lap on the 13th June and endo was found again on my left ovary , womb and pelvis and also had the coil fitted. 1 week after op i developed an infection and was rushed to A and E and given anti biotics (had thos infection after my first lap too) . Infection is slowly going although my belly button incision is still leaking . I had my first period last week and am still on now .. however i am still so swollen after my laparoscopy. Should i still be this swollen ? I have attached a photo its really getting me down .

Thanks !

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Hi there,

I have had 4 Laparoscopy's (5th due at the end of the year) and I have never had swelling like this. Have you spoken to a doctor?

I had my lap the same date as you, and my belly is still bloated :( I find it’s worse after I eat. Mine also did it after my last lap and took weeks to go down. But seems you’ve had an infection maybe best to get it checked out incase it is that causing it. Sending hugs x

I am still very bloated after my lap (two weeks ago) although yours looks particularly uncomfortable! I have started taking activated charcoal capsules which are really helping x

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