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Bc for life or hysto?


Hi all, is there anyone here that was put on birth control till they no longer get their period or full hysterectomy? So here's my problem my dr did and havent had a period in a little over a yr. My husband & I went away & I forgot my pills & I am starting to bleed...so now I fig I'll just get it. Big mistake I missed work yesterday & have to go today but I just hate this. I am 43 cant have anymore kids. I just want everything out. I'm done with this.... any advise or opinion... bc for 10+yrs on pill isnt healthy... my story...(was diagnosed 4yrs ago when got remarried & tried to get prego & was on hormone pills & the endo pain I had put me in the hospital 3x & dr said we need to see why- stage 3+ endo & covered all over. Did IVF 1x too much for us so we stopped... I have 2 kids he has 1... were ok)

Please what do you suggest I do?

Thank you everyone ;)

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It's obviously a very personal and hard choice. I had my hysterectomy 11wks ago (turned 40 week after op). I can honestly say that I have never felt better, libido has diminished a bit but that's something I need to look into with cream/pills etc, but other than that I feel great. More energy, no pain, no periods!

Ememej in reply to Sludge78

Thank you for replying... How about bloating? Lol does it all go away? Did they remove everything? How long is the recovery?

Sludge78 in reply to Ememej

Very bloated the first few weeks but actually ended up with a bit of a tummy tuck as they had left a horrible ridge that wouldn’t budge after my first endo op. I had the whole lot removed cervix and all. Was in hospital for 3 nights and managed at home slowly for first 2 weeks after. Started increasing steps on a daily basis and if you saw me in the street now you wouldn’t think I had any surgery. Driving car/riding motorbike after 7-8 weeks. Hubby was surprised at how well I did as was awful after original endo op and expected this to be worse. Back to work next week 😞

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