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Prostap month 5


.... hi everyone. I posted before I started my prostap .... (history: failed endometrial ablation) ... have had one injection in jan, April, next one due July.

I’m confused because I’m having severe cramps that come on suddenly , last a few hours and feel like endo / bad period pain and I can’t tell what they are caused by

1. Could they be a side effect of the prostap ?

2. Could they be a side effect of the new hrt I’ve just started? (I’ve tried tibolone, Evorel Conti and now 2 weeks into elleste duet).

I’m so confused and need answers.

Side effects from prostap:

Hot flushes

Mood swings

Severe arthritis and muscle pain

Hrt has fixed all but the joint pain - currently signed off work with the pain. Wearing arthritis gloves, the bones in my feet hurt. Bones I never knew I had.

Any advice gratefully received xxxx

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Hi 😊

I had a failed ablation as well, but I’ve now just had my third prostap injection and life is feeling lots better 😊 after the first injection the following week I had a period, and also all of the pain with endo, the hospital told me this can happen with first, haven’t had any bleeding since, I chose not to take the hrt and am having some real hot flushes, mainly through the night but I think I can cope with them, touch wood I haven’t had any other pain so I think the injection is working, good luck 😊

Hi lovely! Thanks for replying. I’m so pleased they have worked for you. Isn’t a failed ablation the worst pain ever ? And no one warned me of this risk either. Anyway, I think I need to be patient and hope the jabs settle as well as the hrt. Xx

Wjwoo in reply to Sam110

Stick with them, they will work 😊

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