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toilet troubles 😔

Just wondering...... anyone else really struggle with painful bowel movements?? When I have to go I dread it because it’s so painful, even when I’m using Germaloids HC spray to numb the area 😞 sounds lovely I know!!

Still awaiting MRI results to confirm if I have adenomyosis & bicornuste uterus aswell as the endometriosis!

I do hope they phone me with the results soon, MDT meeting won’t be for a while yet but my endo nurse did say she could give me the results before then so hopefully that will be soon!!


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Yes I get this and my MRI showed up endo on bowel x


I just posted a thread about what has helped me tremendously!

PS- I had Adeno. Btw, you probably know this but just incase....Endo will show up on the mri if on the bowel or a chocolate cyst is ugly enough but lots of gals have endo and it doesn't show up on the mri.


Hi yes, i suffer as well. Resorted to ducolease suppositories 😒 But needs must! Give them a go and see how they work for you.

Good luck x


I have this, feels like I’m pooping glass and hurts for about 10 minutes after, it’s worse on my period and I also pass menstrual blood from my rectum on my period when opening my bowels and get stabbing rectal pains at random during my period. I had a lap last week and one of the places they found endo was a large patch in my rectum. I’m hoping this will stop once I’ve healed properly

I swear this disease strips your dignity, oh and btw my rectal endo didn’t show up on my MRI or colonoscopy so don’t feel too bummed out (excuse the pun ha ha) if you don’t get the results you’d expect.

What’s the numbing spray if you don’t mind me asking?

All the best xx

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Sorry I’m only just replying the spray is germaloids spray, I think it’s for piles and I just needed to try something to ease the pain, it doesn’t help really but I will ask about suppositories or something I think! Xx

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I get this too ; used to be only during my period but recently it’s been happening outside my period 🙈. I use prednisone cream and prednisone pessaries but it still is sore and burns 😩I literally have no dignity thanks to endo!!!! 😂

I have endometriosis all over my rectum ( it was on POD too but I had excision for that on 2 laps). Do you have endo on your bowel?

I’m glad your endo nurse is being supportive; aren’t they wonderful. It’s so nice to be listened to and have someone actually understand what you are going through!

I hope you get your results soon 😊 Good luck xoxo


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