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Endo follow up appt

I thought I’d let you guys know my update! I had my endo follow up clinic appt on Tuesday , I had seen a diff specialist this time, I was told everything they had found in my laparoscopy operation I already knew I was diagnosed stage 4 as my surgeon spoke to me the day after my op, so it wasn’t a big shock to me , even tho I was told a lot more about and the complications of surgery... she gave me some options either to have then injection for early menopause or the big op! I have decided I’m going for the big op even tho it’s scares me so much! I have asked about freezing eggs and possible ivf in the future .. it’s jus all so overwhelming it’s now all starting to sink in! I jus can’t stop thinking about it all... I went bk to work this week aswell and Now an infection on my wound.. its jus all bit much.. I’ve started to feel really down but putting on a brave face to everyone!

Now to wait for my mri appt then I was told my surgeon will have a discussion meeting and then my op! I hope it’s not another few months away I Jus want it all over with.. think a good night sleep and a rest day tomorrow might make me feel a little better! 💕

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Hi LolaLo3 your belly button post is a relief to me, I think. I’ve just posted a picture of my belly button. I’m 5weeks post full hysterectomy & the belly button wound has been struggling since week 2, it stunk & weeped. The glue was held on by puss. Cleaned it at home. Was ok for 24 hrs then bled, then puss. I’ve just finished a course of antibiotics & the puss has come back.

I was never diagnosed with endometriosis. My surgeon, who was drafted in on the day, found a lot of it & said he hoped to have removed the lot. Apart from the initial pain of having a poo, the belly button is the biggest problem so far. Menopausal stuff hasn’t been too bad.


I am in the same position just a little further on right now, I am now on the list for my next op after my MRI showed the extent of the endo (described as deep infiltrating endometriosis with recto vaginal desease) , I have the added worry that I need to lose 4 stone before the op can take place, which so far is going good xx I am 36 and so far no children, but this will give me the best possible opportunity to start a family xx

The waiting list near me is 4/5 months as need multiple surgeons to be present due to where the endo is x luckily this gives me some time to lose the weight 😊 let me know how you get on xx good luck for your next appointment xx


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