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Stomach twinchs post lap

Ill be 3 weeks post lap on Thursday. Noticed I’ve been getting stomach twitches near my belly button. My wounds are all looking great.. healing nicely my belly button seems the longest one to heal which is what happened before. Stitches aren’t fully dissolved yet.

I don’t know if the twinches are related to healing inside or my constipation.. the endo nurse said during my lap I was so constipated really full bowel, I’ve always suffered with my bowels, not going enough etc and constipated. Been rather bad the last week or so as I hadn’t been moving around very much. I have been now tho.. just trying to get myself in to a better routine, drinking more water which I never did before and gluten free healthy eating and taking laxido.

She basically said with my endo, constipation and bladder issues my pelvis is just a big old storm in there :( everything to cause inflammation!

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Hi Kate, I didn’t have anything like what you’ve had some, just a diagnostic laparoscopy but I remember having a weird feeling. I just looked back through my old posts and I described as a clicking/bubbling sensation. Thinking back to it now, it was a really gross feeling that made me feel a bit grossed out!! And everyone seemed to tell me it was my insides healing and knitting back together! I don’t know if you can relate to that feeling. But mine did go away after a while. Hope you continue to feel better and better.

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That’s basically what I have! Like bubbling feeling. It must be the healing process. I still have some bruising on my stomach so i imagine the insides will be still bruised also.

I’m just over 2 weeks now, I am feeling a lot better but not 100 percent as yet. I’ve taken some extra time off working I’m self employed anyway so it’s all down to me.... but I’ve taken another week and a half off :) which hopefully will make me to 100 percent. Taken a lot longer this time round than my first lap which was around a week recovery


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