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Laparoscopy or not?

Im 22 years old and I'm pretty certain I have endo, I have all the symptoms and have had various tests done to rule out other things. I had a consultation (a very bad one) and have signed up to get a laparoscopy but am now unsure about doing it and just changing diet and lifestyle instead.

has anyone been told that its better to wait until after having children to have laparoscopic surgery or not?

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Its very hard to have children with endometriosis may never have one I'm wating to see to get help


I had my first lap at 21 and fortunately preserving my fertility was never an issue for me as I don’t want to have kids HOWEVER waiting to have children and trying to control something through diet and exercise that may not be the issue may not be a good idea, as if it is endo it could be rapidly encroaching on your fertility. It would be awful for you to get to a place where you’re ready to have kids only to be told that the endo has got to such a state that naturally conceiving would be very difficult 😔

For what it’s worth I would advocate for having the diagnostic lap to see if it is endo (as it could possibly be something else) and then after that diagnosis controlling the symptoms through following the endo diet or something similar. You will also know what stage of the disease you’re at as well. I’m stage 4 and was told it was very unlikely I would be able to conceive naturally but I’m sure if I did want kids this may be something I need to know so I can factor it in when trying to conceive.

Whatever you chose I wish you all the best xxx

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thank you very much xx

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It does not hurt to get a second opinion, you may feel better after that. I had a laparoscopy at 20 where they diagnosed me with endo and removed it. I went private at the time and the doctor who did my Lap assured me that one Lap will improve my quality of life considerable and poses no harm to my fertility and definitely less harm than leaving endo could have.

I am now 25 my symptoms are starting to come back, i have had 5 lovely years in much less pain with no dark blood and am ready to start trying for children once i have had my children i will then monitor my situation and seek advice for my next step.

Hope this helps! x


Thanks this really does help, what I might do is get the diagnostic lap and then decide whether to manage through diet etc or whether to get surgery. The thing is my auntie has horrendous endo and firmly believes that surgery made it worse so I'm totally torn!

E x


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