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Endometriosis stages and Symptoms,Treatment !

Endometriosis has four stages, and each stages has its own symptoms and here is a sharing thread to help women better know Endometriosis ,hope will be useful.

Stage I endometriosis (minimal disease): There are few small implants (specs) of endometriosis, with no scar tissue seen.

Stage II endometriosis (mild disease): There are more implants of endometriosis, but less than 2 inches of the abdomen is involved and there is no scar tissue.

Stage III endometriosis (moderate disease): There is quite a bit of endometriosis in the abdomen which may be deep and may create pockets of endometriotic fluid (chocolate cysts, or endometriomas) in the ovaries. There may be scar tissue around the tubes or ovaries.

Stage IV endometriosis : A great deal of endometriotic implants, possibly large endometriotic cysts in the ovaries, possible scar tissue between the uterus and the rectum (lower part of the intestines), and around the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Women with endometriosis, even stage IV endometriosis don’t have to undergo surgery. To treat endometriosis, the primary aim is reducing and eliminating pain; wiping out and eliminating focus; regulating menstruation and promoting fertility; reducing and avoiding recurrence. For endometriosis pathogenesis “congestion block uterus, disharmony of thoroughfare and conception vessels”, the treatment should be aiming at “promote blood circulation”, patients can take it for treatment.

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