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May I ask a question about multivitamins? 🤔 I’ve been advised by my gynae to take Vitamin D which is available on its own, but Seven Seas do a supplement especially for 50+ women which includes not only vitamin D but all of the other vitamins and minerals that Ladies Of A Certain Age might require. Most of the reviews for that are very favourable so I am leaning in that direction but they are crazy expensive, three times the price of just vitamin D but only a third of the number of tablets in the pack. I just wondered if anybody in this group has had any success with them.

My blood levels suggest that I am fully Menopausal but my reproductive system begs to differ; gynae reckons that the endometriosis is having its last hoorah and that the vitamin D might help my energy levels.

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Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin- we all become a bit deficient over the winter months in the UK because we literally don't get enough sun to produce it- if you want the expensive vitamins get them (as long as they provide the right level of Vit D recommended by your doctor. I have to take a big dose at the moment because I was down to 27 upol and my hair was falling out in clumps.

You may be able to get all the vitamins in that one tablet from other providers more cheaply- but of course that means taking more tablets/capsules. That's why these blended ones are pricy- one stop shop sort of deal :) good luck xxx


I bought Transforme vitamin D3 4000iu for £12 on @mazon for a full years supply, which I thought was pretty good. However, the wellwoman / seven seas type multi vits will contain a balance of other vitamins too if you don’t currently take any.

You could buy some general multi vits and separate vit D tablets to reduce cost. Or try the seven seas ones first and see if they’re helping you feel a bit better


I use a vit d spray as it's more adsorbed by the body. You spray inside your cheek. Holland & Barrett do one.

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I got Vitamin D + K2 drops by MaxX Labs on Amazon - currently £12 for a bottle, which gives you 900 drops at 1000IU per drop. Like the spray that Jen82 mentioned, I think it is more easily absorbed than capsules, and last a long time.


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