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For any women who had chocolate cyst removed at first laparoscopy when also diagnosing Endo

lisalovescake did they remove cyst? Via draining? By sticking to small laparoscopy cuts or did they have to do laparotomy? Have signed consent for laparotomy in case needed. Does this sound similar to you? Lap Friday 20th April. Still wondering what they will find and if they will have to do bigger cut to remove cyst and ovary....or not. 34 also trting to preserve fertility.Thanks xx

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Hi Lisa,

I had two chocolate cyst, one in each ovary.

My surgery was all done via laparoscopy I had three incisions.

Both my chocolate cysts were removed by cutting them out of the ovaries. As draining them can resulted in them regrowing.

I also had a hysteroscopy in my operation.

Now I am on Zoladex- as they found serve endometriosis, so I will be having another operation in six months time.

Let me know if you have any other questions .. I am 24 so in the same boat with wanting to preserve fertility.

All the best with your operation on Friday.


Hi Rachel, thanks for your reply. How do you feel now? Has pain eased for you? What will they do during next op? I think the difference with me is that being 34 means any damage now to my ovaries when cutting will lessen ovarian reserve even more (only just been given a heads up to check it before surgery but I only have two days to go). Your ovarian reserve should be perfect at your age so they have the option to do the cutting and best most reliable surgery for you knowing any damage will not deplete your egg reserve by much xx

Hi Lisa,

No worries.

Better indeed as the bloating with the cyst and the sensation wasnt the nicest.

Still have odd days of bloating which is no fun!

Don’t think the pain has been horrendous ever.. it was more uncomfortable/unexpected than anything. After getting diagnosed with the cysts I took a pill to stop my periods so that was helpful.

Definitely good to have the heads up and to advise you about your operation.

How has your pain been? Have you been waiting for a long time for this operation?


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