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Very worried


Im 33 and I've suffered with endometriosis since I was 12 I had 3 operations and told I might not be able to have kids but I had 3 after my 1st they wanted me to have a hysterectomy but I said no as I was only 17 I then had 2 more kids I then got ovarian cancer cells now I've got pcos I'm really worried I could get cancer and become infertile please help

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Omg I’m so sorry to hear this, I can’t really say I’ve been in your shoes but my Aunty had ovarian cancer at a very young age. She too had three children. What does your dr suggest? Do you want any more kids, if not getting rid of the ovaries (and anything else affecting your health I.e. hysterectomy) would be something I personally would consider. I hope your ok xx

Kerryboo12 in reply to AJJ123

Thank you and I'm still waiting on an appointment 4 the hospital I would like another child but worried now cause of having pcos so I don't thunk I can have anymore

AJJ123 in reply to Kerryboo12

I’ve got one and struggling to have another, endo (possibly PCOS too) has gone too far and I’m looking at ivf. It’s entirely your choice, you’ll just have to keep an eye on it if you choose to leave it but good luck whatever you decide to do xx

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