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Has anyone ever gone to A&E before with pain? I'm at the end of my period so shouldn't be in this much pain but literally cannot get any relief and am at the end of the line. Not sleeping, sharp stabbing pain, can't find any position to give me relief. Feel exhausted and just need something to knock me out. Tried over the counter pain relievers but it's like the pain is getting worse. My friend is telling me to go to A&E but I've never done that before and feel like they won't take me seriously with glorious period pain?

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If your finding it too much then go. Tell them you have endo they'll give you meds and check you over xx

Good luck ...You'll probably end up sitting there for hours on end.

If these pains are normal for you ( and not something brand new ) can you make it through the night and get an emergency doctors appointment tomorrow ?

If you genuinely think you have something wrong like a burst cyst or uncontrollable heavy bleeding then of course go to the hospital. But if it's just for pain relief you may end up sitting there all night long and you'll feel worse in the long run .

Have you tried feminax and a hot water bottle?

I'm sorry you are suffering I know it's awful

Ask your gp for stronger pain relief - stuff that has worked for me in the past is naproxen , co codamol 30mg , and mefanamic acid- not all at once though !!

I’ve been to a&e on more occasions than I can found because of Endo. If you think it’s the best thing for you then definitely go but if you can wait for painkillers you can always get emergency doc appointment tomorrow. It’s awful to be suffering and I hope you manage to try and reduce the pain. Hope you’re okay xx

Hi Clara.. are yu feeling any better today?

I've been to AED twice with my pain And at the time, they were convinced it was kidney stones.

It's only after several months, that I noticed the pain came at the same time (s) every month and now my GP thinks it's endometriosis. I'm still awaiting my first gynea review.

When I did go, I was given Diclofenac Suppositries and it worked wonders. It was worth the wait.

So if you find yourself in this situation again, don't delay. Xx

Thank you got the comments. I've been having the worse few days pain wise that I've ever experienced. Have been at docs and eventually A&E when the pain just got too much to stand. Got oramorph and diclafenac and am getting there with the pain but am absolutely exhausted and feeling quite sick (poss from meds as well as pain). Am hoping to be well enough to go back to work on Monday as I get very stressed about being off sick

hi how are you feeling? Are you still in a&e? Do you have cysts? Please don't ignore it if its intense and new pain, if it wasn't for my mum and her instinct something was really wrong with me I wouldn't have got help in time. Hope the pain relief is helping.

ask for an appointment with the pain team I found them so helpful to get on top of the pain before it became unbearable.

take care. Xx

Clara12 in reply to Tillyfloss

Thanks Tillyfloss I'm home now and hopefully getting better. I think I need to ask about pain management

Tillyfloss in reply to Clara12

hi glad your home and I hope you can rest. I found the pain team brilliant I was leaving it to late and then the meds wouldn't help and some of the meds were actually making it all worse. The chap I saw was so lovely and said that his job is to help people get a better quality of life whilst dealing with chronic pain. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

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