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(endometriosis stage 4)



(endometriosis stage 4)

I have been of Visanne treatment for 4 weeks now because I have been suffering with the side effects. My doctor advised me to try Zoladex injection been doing research about it. I am so scared people who have prostate cancer, and in women to treat breast cancer or endometriosis. It sounds worse than Visanne any advise? Since I am off the treatment I haven't got my menstrual cycle.

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It's probably the strongest drug they use.

Has a mirena been suggested, that's usually the next step up from oral cp's? Benefits are its progesterone only and locally applied and may stop the periods altogether (1/3 chances)

I've tried both, neither quite worked for me but the mirena came frustratingly close, it just didn't quite settle with me.

I myself didn't have a good zoladex reaction but my symptoms were always non standard and there are plenty of other ladies who do experience pain relief with manageable side effects and find the trade off works for them.

so like all hormone treatments really, the only way to know how it will affect you is to try them.

It's worth getting a bone density scan baseline if possible to keep an eye on calcium in your bones and check out the contra indicators in the PIL online in advance as else you don't see them as its a jab in the GP surgery.

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hi Starry thank you.

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