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Would this show up in a scan?


So when I had my lap in feb they found my left ovary was being pulled and stuck on my abdominal wall. I had my last ultrasound in november, would that have shown up on the ultrasound? I had a really bad period in January and unsure whether that could have caused my ovary to do that. In total i had 3 ultrasounds last year before my surgery and none of them came back with that wrong. And endo causes things to get stuck to other things, but apparently I dont have endo!

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Sounds very endo to me. My ovaries are attached together in the centre of my tum now they call them kissing ovaries. I have servere endometriosis and was only diagnosed when they removed a grapefruit size chocolate cyst from my ovary. I had been suffering for best part of ten years before they diagnosed me. Unless your in agony they won't be too concerned about where ovaries are placing themselves I'm afraid. Good luck x

Definitely sounds like endo my overaries uterus bowel falopeon tubes ECT are all stuck together just been told I have severe endometriosis and a frozen pelvis keep pushing for answers xxxx

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