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Endometriosis pain relief

Hi I’m kinda new to all this so sorry if I do anything wrong still get use to it, I’m 22 and I’m unfortunately suffering with endometriosis I’ve been in crippling pain since I was around 14 have more bad days than good sadly, I’m currently on treatment at the moment and having the prostap injections to stop the endometriosis.. I’m currently taking pain killers like there sweets and nothing seems to help:( I was just wondering if any lovely lady’s who are going through the same thing have anything they could suggest to help the pain? I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle doctors doesn’t seem to help or understand and being on a constant waiting list with gynaecologist feels like I’m waiting a life time without the help I need. I’m currently loosing the will to even get out of bed most days it’s horrible.

So if anyone could help that would be amazing. Xx

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I found diclofenac and heat pads were the only things that came close to touch it. Plus is it the induced menopause you're on? I took menopace for that and again it helped a bit with the crazy symptoms. It just is awful x


Hi Paige, how long have you been having the Prostap injections and are you taking add back hrt?

I found a benefit from prostap after the second injection (mine were monthly). I also found a combination of cocodamol, ibuprofen and heat pad helped a bit to allow me to work. The biggest thing that helped me cope was citalopram which is an anti depressant - I didnt feel that I was depressed, I was just v v v sore, however, gynae persuaded me to try it and whilst its not a miracle cure I can definitely cope better with my pain as I definitely feel a bit brighter in myself (even though I didnt think I was low...if that makes sense!!!). I am a lot older than you, have stage 4 endo with bowel and urinary involvement so I totally get how you feel. I have the sticky on heatpads + pain relief in every bag + take my heat pad to work which I use at lunchtime.

Its definitely a matter of trial and error with treatments, keeping your chin up and keep ploughing on the best you can.....we are not called endo warriers for nothing!!!!

Good luck x


Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering so badly xxx

I had Prostap injections for 6 months and found they really helped (despite the hot flushes!), I have Stage 4 Endo and Ad.

A friend of mine has been on the vegan diet and she says it has massively helped with her symptoms.

I have cut out dairy and cut back on wheat and found that has helped me with the associated pain (joint and repetitive strain type pain)

Hope you find something to help control your pain. Xx


Hi Paige

I struggle with pain management too. I'm 22 and take cocodamol and naproxen during the day and in the evening will sometimes use oramorph. It's not pleasant to take but it works. In addition to this I also use heat pads and a tens machine which has worked so well that I plan to stop taking as many pills as I do. It may be worth you trying a tens machine.

Hope you feel better soon


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