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What is wrong with me


So I had my first lap in August and they found endo on my ovaries and bowel I then was put on the combined pill and literally thought all the pain was over until the end of January when I had agonising cramping, stabbing pains and just in agony. Then it was over 3 weeks later and my gp said it was a flare up. Then last Friday the pain started again. I can barely lie on my tummy or back. I struggle walking upstairs. I threw up at work. Im nauseous. I’m bloated. I have stabbing, zapping pain through my ovaries and my hips and thighs ache an extraordinary amount. I’m taking naproxen and cocodamol and it doesn’t always touch the pain. Is this seriously just a flare up or could there be something else going on??

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I am sorry to hear this. Sometimes a treatment works well at first and then after a while it doesn't work so well. This happened to me, I was on progesterone only pill which helped me at first after my lap and then the pain etc started coming back. It wasn't just a flare up. I would ask your GP to refer you back to your gynaecologist and ask them if you can try a different hormone treatment as well as have an ultrasound scan. The gynaecologist will know so much more than your GP about this and be able to help you look at other options. Hope it all works out for you and this helpsx

ChloB in reply to cherry78

Thanks Cherry that’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one. I’m seeing and endo specialist in a few weeks I’m just anxious he’ll say I need surgery again or something

cherry78 in reply to ChloB

Not necessarily, he might find a better hormone treatment more suited to you. Whatever happens, best to see the endo specialist and get this sorted. I put off seeing one because of the same fears as you for four years between operations because I was determined that I didn't want another operation. I thought I could stop the growth of endo through diet, exercise and herbal supplements. I didn't take any hormone treatments between these two ops. In my case, I found that although diet, exercise etc did help and I do think it is good to do this, it doesn't stop the majority of endo growth as the next op showed endo had spread somewhat. It is controlled better by hormone treatment but it is a case of finding the right one to suit the individual.

I would agree it’s a flare up as when your hormone levels rise that can trigger your endo to become active...

mine has been kept in check by the mirena coil but when I’ve had a bleed (which thankfully has been few and far between) the old familiar pain has reared its ugly head. Xx

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