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Hi all.

I’m waiting for my letter with my transvaginal scan date which will be followed by a laparoscopy.

I’ve seen a few posts saying they were put on the marina coil but I’m wondering if this is a must? As I had the marina coil for about 3 years before I started worrying about Endometriosis and had to have it removed as it was causing me the worst pains and periods I’d ever had and would definitely not want to go back on it again.

Also, I’ve never had a transvaginal scan or a laparoscopy, can anyone tell me what they’re like? Getting a bit nervous now!

ALSO my dr thinks I have Endometriosis on the bowel as I get very bad diahorrea and constipation, both with blood during my period and the week before. Has anyone else had issues with there bowel and what was the outcome for it?

Thanks all, Daniie x

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Hello !

I know exactly how you feel ! I had my first gyno appointment in February but previous to that I’ve had two transvaginal scans so far and they are nothing to worry about it’s similar to having a smear done, it’s uncomfortable and not the nicest of experiences but if you worry yourself you will come out of it thinking what was I worrying about! Cant comment on a laparoscopy as I’m still waiting for my appointment. But a scan is nothing to worry about just make sure you’ve been a for a wee before hand !

Thanks Hun I always let my mind run away with me whenever it comes to medical procedures.

When I had an endoscopy I spent months panicking and panicking which didn’t help at all haha so I’m trying to calm myself before I go!

Glad yours went ok, my dr said it goes ultrasound and then laparoscopy. Was that the same for you?

The coil is not a must, put they do like like to put you some sort of hormonal treatment to slow down the endo growth as well as other benefits. The trans vaginal scans are uncomfortable but it's over within 20 mins. Surgery is fine, you'll find once you've recovered from the op that you've pretty much worried for no reason. It's like an amazing night out without a hang over, the staff always try to put you at ease and have a laugh with you I'm looking forward to my next lap as it's mostly been a pleasant experience. I have endo on my bowel, I had my bowel shaved several years ago, but I'm now starting to have problems again, colonoscopy came back clear thankfully but my bowel is completely tethered into my pelvis which I'm hoping will be fixed with the next op.

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