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Exercise causing symptoms to worsen

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I admit I havnt really been active at all. My activity might be limited to cleaning the house. But I have a love for horses and spent three hours doing in the ground work along with my daughter today. And at the end of it when it was all over I just got that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion like I hadn’t slept in weeks. I had to sit down then go back to the house and lie down for an hour. My body has since gone into overload and I’m sore all over. Chest neck back head. And fatigue. I love to be active but since my diagnosis and just before my activity has gone from most days to maybe once every three weeks. Is my lifestyle hindering me? Any ideas. I don’t want to give in to endo I want to try. But I know I can tend to overdo things as well

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I'm really grappling with this. I've been advised to get a baseline of sustainable activity then build up extremely slowly and follow the principles of pacing or spoon theory used by cfs treatment.

I struggle with boom and bust cycle doing too much and then suffering so need to be more careful to follow this, bit it takes some practice.

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