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more endo or exercise causing pain?

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Good morning,

Is it normal to still have pain 13 weeks after an op? I felt great at first, down from 8 co-codamol a day to 2 and sometimes none at all. Then i started exercising and the pain has started again on my left side and i'm back up to 4 tablets a day, I have no ovaries and the endo was taken away. Is the exercising causing this as i haven't healed properly yet, or could the endo be back already?

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Not so much exercise but general activity such as cleaning or gardening kicks it all off still. Had lap beginning of Feb, not done much for symptoms.

Probably worth you contacting your gynaecologist or GP, did you have treatment at the same time?

Thank you for your reply. I had full hysterectomy so removal of everything including all endo ( i was stage 4) they said there was some still some left on my bowel but that shouldn't cause me any trouble. they said they had removed of all endo so i'm assuming i'm still healing.

I may think differently as I’ve had two abdominal surgery’s open ones and at 13 week I wouldn’t have dared exercise that can make things worse I would say it’s too early but we all heal differently x

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Thank you for your reply. I will just go on walks for now, (my daily allowance :)) I need to do something so maybe this is best x

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You have had major surgery!a hysterectomy is major surgery !my friend had open surgery and did everything too soon it didn’t help her at all x


What exercises are you doing? The body can take a long time to heal from such a big op and it could be the exercise you are doing is too strenuous?

I would guess that if you are still relying on the pain meds most of the time you are still healing.

I hope the pain eases soon and you start to notice a difference after the op. x

Thank you for your reply. I first went for a run and then was doing stomach workouts. I only done 2 and the pain kicked in. I have knocked them on the head and I am now only walking and doing other exercises. This has helped a little bit, but I will keep my eye on it. Thanks again x

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