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Appointments after lap

So I had my lap 22 days ago now and they said i should see my consultant in about 2 months. I haven't been shown any pics all i know is that i have pcs. Do I have to make the appointment with my gynae myself or will i get a letter? Also should i make an appointment with my gp, will he have the pictures and be able to go into detail about it?

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You should receive a letter to go back and see the gynae if not give the hospital a ring. I was shown pictures etc at my follow up x

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I really hope I see pictures, they didn’t find endo but I was on the pill the time I had my surgery and have heard it can sometimes not be seen as it’s not aggravated or something x


I wasn't shown or told anything, was just pushed out the hospital and told nothing was found so there was nothing wrong, and had to go enquire about what the letter said afterwards. As far as I know though the GP won't have the pictures, you'd have to get those from the hospital and sometimes you need to pay x


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