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Any natural treatments to reduced endo from growing??

They have put a mirena coil in, whilst I was in surgery which I did say yes to... but I was a little unsure because hormones just don’t agree with me!

This is the last type of contraception that I haven’t tried..it’s only been four weeks but my skin is awful, I am constantly hungry and bleeding. My mood is the worst, I am just miserable and so so irritable!!

Is it worth just keeping it in for longer?? Or shall I just get it removed and clear my body of hormones and try something natural?

Any advice welcome!! Just so fed up :(

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Aww poor you.

I guess it's worth writing a list of pros and cons regarding: your views on the coil, what it should do, what it feels like it's doing, your side effects (how it's made you feel worse), your good effects (how it's helped). If the negatives are the ones you want to do without then perhaps it's not for you.

I'm sure others can help a bit more as I've not had the coil! xx


How long have you had it in? I've heard a lot of women had trouble taking it out because the doctors kept telling them to keep it in for 6 months so it can settle 😮


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