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Hi, I'm new

Hi, I've signed up to this community because I've had a really hard few months.

I haven't had an endo diagnosis through operation but was put on the deppo injection and told if symptoms improved it was very probably endometriosis. My symptoms did improve but I gained a lot of weight at each 12 week appintment as well as increased anxiety/low mood so was advised to stop. All symptoms have also stopped with two pregnancies. I am very blessed to have been able to have 2 children. However following both pregnancies, the most recent one only 4 months ago, my symptoms come back with avengence. More recently I have been experiencing severe pain in the area of my gallbladder as well as horrible fatigue and anxiety. I have a scan booked for a few weeks time to check for gallstones and a gp appointment next week as I'm o my have one ok week a month symptoms free. My poor partner is very supportive but even I've had enough and it's a struggle with a 4 month old baby ☹.

I feel like it's taking over my life. I'm 33 and this all started when I was 12... start of my periods but it wasn't until after the birth of my first child it was properly recognised after repeated visits to gp and walk in centre due to horrific pain and feeling unwell.

I'm at a loss for what to do and my anxiety takes over leaving me convinced I have something terrible wrong with me and fear of dying, collapsing etc. I am having to work really hard on my mental health but the weeks I feel unwell it's a downward spiral.

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Does the gallbladder-area pain kick off when your other pain does, and do you take anti inflammatories for it?

I had a nasty pain which correlated with my endo pain, I had to stop taking anti inflammatories due to allergies, and after several months the pain settled significantly.

It took just two regular ibuprofens to cause major stomach issues, taking strong prescription antacids, gaviscon, milk of magnesia, chalk tablets and milk for several weeks to settle it back down.

But as for your fears, perhaps attendance at a pain clinic can help? It’s normal to have those worries - who could blame you - but a pain clinic can help you with that, help you reflect on and understand the impact it has on your life, and give you useful techniques to manage the relationship you (and others in your life) have with your condition x


Hi JellyKat,

Yes I've been keeping a log and the gallbladder area pain coincides with ovulation time... but it stops during my period and then returns within 3 days and the cycle goes on like that.

I can't take Nurofen so rely on paracetamol but I don't like taking medication (anxiety trigger). When the pain is very bad I do.

A pain clinic might be a good idea, I didn't realise they could help like that.

I am so drained of it all now. It' stopping me from following through with plans for fitness etc. I know the priority is to feel better but it' just got aggressively worse since I had baby.

Thanks for your reply.

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Have you tried a Tens machine for the pain? I’d be lost without mine.

Definitely persue the pain clinic route though x


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