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Really gross belly button with a PICTURE! So don’t open if easily offended!!

Really gross belly button with a PICTURE! So don’t open if easily offended!!

So I’m nearly three weeks post op. Will be on Tuesday.

I have been signed off work and not back until a week Monday.

I have just noticed that 1 of my stitches has come out from my belly button. But I have this horrid grey tissue like substance, and it isn’t dirt I can assure you!

This picture is gross I am aware!! It looks dirty and hairy but whatever hey!! Any ideas what this is? I’m scared it’s rotting tissue or something!!

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I’ve been put on metronidazole for infection control, but the GP hadn’t seen this grey tissue there. I can’t get a decent pic of of as I’m chubby haha so it’s awkward! But you get the idea


I was just thinking how healthy it looked but hey what do i know im not a dr.

It just looks bruised which is the greeny blue bit and a pen mark.

It looks really good. It took my stitches 7 weeks to come out? Which Apparently is normal.

It took me that long to feel normal again...


If you zoom in on the picture, the grey blue bit is actually a little open sore?

It might just be me! But didn’t know myself so thought I’d ask!.


Oh yeh i see it now it looked like blue marker pen lol.

Is it sore?

It is abit early for stitches to b coming out yet though i think.


I was told to get mine taken out after a week, she had to physically rip the bellybutton one out and it left me feeling sick for ages, I didn't know it was normal for stitches to stay in longer?? My second bellybutton one had disintegrated entirely by 4 weeks later x


I was told to just let disintegrate on there own?

Mine took 7 weeks. I wander if thats why some people get infections as they have them taken or ripped out.

Jesus, i couldnt of had anyone touch mine after week!! Let alone rip them out. Nooooo.

I was talking to my gp about it as im lucky enough to have a gp that has endo and had hysterectomy in end and she said she had hers in for 21/2 weeks before she took hers out as hers werent dissolvable but as mine were just leave them and i did and they just fell out on a beach in italy lol


I appreciate that it’s not a good picture though


Hi, I think you should get this checked by a doctor or practice nurse. If you’ve lost a stitch too early, it may need something to hold the wound edges together.

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A few days after mine, I had whiteish grey stuff whenever I got my incision wet, I feel like it is the sticky glue substance they use afterwards? I’m not 100% but if it’s not sore, could it be something like that 🤔


Thanks guys!

Mine just fell out? Literally just hanging there! I have two left to go, another in my belly button and another on bikini line...

They were meant to be dissolvable ones too.

My belly button is sore yeah, I will go back tomorrow just to show them what I can see and I guess see what happens! Obviously I googled it and the first thing that comes up is ‘sloughy’ tissue or dead tissue basically!! Which doesn’t sound too good? X


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