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Diagnosed with Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2003. I spent 8 years in pain due to scans being performed in the wrong area. The Endo was finally seen in the 'six pack muscle' (Rectus muscle) of my abdomen (very rare apparently). I did have some relief after it was removed however I continued to feel 'stabbing' and 'tearing' in the area. In 2016 I requested a full hysterectomy in an attempt to relieve the 'Endometriosis'. I made sure the surgeon knew exactly where to look to check if the Endo had come back in the exact same area it was originally removed.

After the surgery the surgeons told me no Endometriosis was found. What they did find was old stitches from my previous C-section 22 years ago! These were found in the exact spot (Rectus Muscle) that the previous 'Endo' was removed, along with further stitches found in the Caesarean scar.

I still feel pain in my stomach muscles and can't help thinking there maybe more stitches still there .....

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Endo is such a horrible things I’ve been suffering really bad for the past 4 years I’ve always had problems with my period but not as bad as it has been I’ve had many internal scans and nothing has been going been back and forwards to doctors hospital and finally Wednesday morning was diagnosed with endo haven’t had a laparoscopy as of yet just been diagnosed based on my symptoms I have another gyne app on the 12th April just praying they finally do the laparoscopy to check how bad the endo it as it has been effecting my fertility how bad was your endo when they checked and did it effect your fertility in any way? Is sad how people don’t take us seriously xx


Hi Nicola, I was in really bad pain with it all the time. I would only have to sneeze and I could feel my insides ripping open. I already had my 3 daughter's when it all started so it didn't affect my fertility.

I hated that they made me feel it was all in my head. I lost count of the amount of times that was said to me. You know your body better than any doctor so don't let them fob you off. If they haven't already suggested a laparoscopy, ask for one. I know that Endo does effect fertility but don't give up hope.

I hope you get the answers you need xx


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