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Really need some advice!

Hey Ladies,

I was treated for endo in sept of last year. However I have been having symptoms and would like some advice please?

I went to see my gp on Friday. I am having a full blood count with the nurse next Thursday.

I am suffering with serve fatigue constantly loose stools but if I take pain killers I have constipation. I went for a ultrasound in nov last year as they believed there was something wrong with one of my incisions from lap but turns out that was all fine and was told I now have arthritis in my right hip which I'm now having an x-ray on in the next month.

I'm getting really sharp pains in my shoulders aswell & constantly bloated but no weight loss.

I am worried but i'm not the type or person who likes to look into things to much and deal with them as they come.

However I have seen a few things as its ovarian cancer awareness in march and feel I have a lot of these symptoms. I don't know if all these symptoms are down to my endo & possibly having endo on my bowel.

I am only 28 and feel like I'm stuck in a 78 years olds body and gets me really down. It effects my social life because I'm simply just to tired to do anything. I am struggling to hold down my job as it is physical and had to reduce my hours even though I cannot really afford it due to my health.

Has anyone experienced this?

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I am literally the exact same. Was diagnosed through a lap in September 17 and since that everything just seems to be getting worse. Constantly tired and constantly bloated. I aswell have a blood test with the nurse next Wednesday to see if it shows anything. I asked my gp if I could be referred back to gynae and up to now she’s saying no and is waiting till my bloods come back. Last night I was scrolling through Twitter and seen an article saying ‘women are mistaking ovarian cancer for bloating’ then carried on to read ‘that gluten free diet might actually be ovarian cancer’ etc etc. I have become so worried and I know it’s probably just my endo but I’m definately going to mention it to my gp when I go for my blood results. I’m only 20 so I know how much this horrible illness affects your social life aswell x


I can relate so much to this. Endometriosis is such a debilitating condition.

I had my endo found and treated last year in POD. I fell but miscarried. Unfortunately the symptoms of endo reappeared- the heavy periods with huge clots, the severe pain during my period and outside my period but worse period, bowel issues- worst at period like you go from loose to struggling to go, bleeding from rectum during period, chronic pain lower left again and also now on my lower right side, intentional weight loss and severe fatigue. I had my iron checked a month ago and it’s very low- I’m on 3 ferrous sulphate everyday. I feel so less tired now 😊

Luckily my fertility doctor referred me to a general gynaecologist after a scan revealed lining was not in uniform- I’m having another laparoscopy this time with a hysteroscopy , biopsy and removal of endo if found.

Have you contacted your surgeon? That’s what I did when my symptoms returned.

Discuss your concerns with your GP hopefully they’ll refer you back if you get no joy from the surgeon.

Good luck hope you get this sorted out soon xoxo


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