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Internal scans/endo

Hey everyone, so Iv been suffering with pain for a while now, but hadn’t really put it down to anything, but the last 2 months have been awful, on top of this I have had thrush so Many times in the last 6months, this is now constant and I’m on a 6 month course of tablets. I had bad cells in my last smear 3yrs ago, so thought maybe something like that was wrong ? Then started looking into my symptoms- it’s seems very endometriosis to me, but I’m not a doctor so I don’t know. I had my internal scan today and they found nothing, the pain and discomfort during the scan was quite bad, it’s also like this when me and my partner have had sex. Obviously at the moment I’m not really up for that the last few months have been to painful. My periods are super heavy I have so much pain in my lower back I can’t go to the toilet even more so when I am on my period. My legs ache and I’m constantly fatigued. This isn’t like me at all I am very healthy and active. I know something is wrong ... but I don’t really know what else to do. Sorry to rant I’m just a bit fed up!!

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Sorry to know.. i sometimes have the same issues (heavy clotted period + painful back painful below that i cant even sit up on a sofa let alone to sit on the toilet - i feel like something is coming out with very heavy pressure 🙄 but i know im not pregnant or anything. I also have low libido.

And then there are months when im all pain free even still with 1-2 clotted blood menstrution. So weird. And earlier this month i went for an ultrasound doc found a 0.5cm polyp in my uterus. its kinda small but enough to cause me pain. I did a pap smear too but havent got the test result.

With heavy period have u check on your blood count? Mine is low - not suprised but bcse im slightly anemic my thyroid is now suffering - so my hormones are haywiring (maybe now is causing the non-stop heavy period cycle)


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