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Specialist ultrasound for diagnosing deep infiltrating endometriosis in UK


I read this article and I was wondering if anyone had had a specialist ultrasound or had an ultrasound where they actually looked at your bowel motility etc in the uk?

I fully understand that it will never 100% rule out more superficial endo but I would prefer a thorough ultrasound as a first step prior to lap.

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I live in Sydney & saw this type of scan beginning to get introduced but you had to pay for it privately, at the time I was diagnosed not much was known about that ultrasound’s effectiveness to pick up DIE (deeply infiltrating endometriosis) so I went for a laparoscopy to get a proper look and diagnosis & was also advised to do so, this was 5 years ago in Oz. I’m not sure if this scan is available in uk or not? It’s certainly good to have an initial step prior to a lap I guess but then there is a grey area in what extent of Endo it can pick up, if you have superficial Endo then it’s unlikely to spot that and you’d still need a lap to get a proper diagnosis, if the scan does show up DIE then you’d need to be thinking of getting a lap ASAP as the Endo has advanced a lot. While it may become a good first device to spot severe Endo there’s still a lot it may not spot so if you had symptoms I’d personally go straight for a lap with an accredited specialist as the Endo will be excised at that very lap & you’re on the path to starting to get the treatment you need. You could have the ultrasound & it comes back clear but still have Endo so would only get proper answers by having a lap I guess. Good luck with it all x

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