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What's your experience of symptoms on prostap and Anxiety?

Hi there, I could really do with some advice....i had 3 months of prostap last year and only experienced night sweats sore breast and achy pelvic area when walking without sitting for a break for more than half an hour. This year I've recently had a very severe anxious time with work as I've had so many absences due to my illness. I have been experiencing nausea, feeling sick to my stomach, clicky neck when I turn to the right, clicky shoulder blades, feeling very low, crying all the time, low vibrational energy and no physical energy, don't want to see or talk to people. My head feels dizzy if i turn it at normal speed and it feels like its in an iron vice.

I actually went back on the prostap injections and have my 3rd one due soon. I have been given livial but not tried it yet as I'm scared I will start bleeding again. Please please can you offer any advice is it the stress of work making me have these symptoms of anxiety, or the injections as i didn't have symptoms like this last year. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanx

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Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. I’m on Prostap too. ( see my posts). Without HRT I had hot flushes and dry skin and had no energy until my HRT dose was sorted. At one point I fainted. I didn’t feel any unusual levels of anxiety though. However don’t underestimate the power of hormonal changes. We are all different just as we are throughout a normal cycle. If you have additional stresses from work it’s bound to have an effect on your stress hormones which in turn will effect your body’s own hormones. I’ve been there with a previous job (before Prostap) and I recall how much the stress affected my cycle and how this caused me anxiety ( the feeling of not knowing what is happening to your body). You may find that things settle down more when you’ve been on the injections/livial for a while. It took a few months for me. In the meantime I hope you can ask your employer for the support you need. Take care. X


I have am on proslap too this is my 1 time and 1 month . I felt faint all the effects you are staying too. I was told my doctors not to go on hrt as it will stop some on proslap working . My doctor give me some tablets called prochlorperazine . And they have stopped my nauea and feeling dizzy and they help me sleep. I also have soya day and night tablets I have been taking them for a year they really good for hot flushes and they are from the health shop . I hope my advice helps but I am new to this too and I am at doctors nearly every week different systems. At work i drink green tea is helps through the day #Stay strong


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