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awaiting diagnosis of Endo. Help please


I am looking for some advice. For all of my menstrual history I have had terrible periods and cramps to the point of passing out. The past few years i have started to develop pains in-between periods, excruciating pain mainly in my left ovary....I feel like sometimes I want to try and have a bowel movement when i don't need...when i do go it hurts my left ovary.....my stomach swells from my pubic bone right to my belly button and is rock solid....it's gradually gotten worse over the past few years and even more so in the past few months......sex has became more painful than what it also was. I have been to my GP and I am waiting on an ultrasound and an app with gynecologist, the GP said she thinks it sounds like Endo......but i can't stop worrying about it and the pain and swelling is awful.

I know we can't give medical advise as we aren't GPs but is this similar to Endo and does anybody have any advise. x

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My dear I'm sorry that u r going through this agony. But unfortunately there's no way of diagnosing endo unless they do a laparoscopy. It's not clearly visible on scans. The first step is MRI but d last resort is laparoscopy. I hope your dr understand ur agony and refers to a bsge recognised endo clinic. Bcoz normal gynae can sometimes miss endo on laparoscopy.

All d best



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