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Pill free weeks

Hi everyone. I'm new to the site and I was just wondering if anyone else takes Cilest to ease their end pain? My GP prescribed it because I have had very bad hip pain and heavy periods for a year. I was advised to take it with no breaks. I did this for about 5 months and bled continuously the hole time! During this time I had bad cramps but no hip pain. In order to stop the bleeding I am now taking the pill normally for 21 days at a time. However, this is my last pill of the pack and my hip pain has returned!! Does anyone have an idea why this might be? Or has anyone had a similar experience during pill free weeks?


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Hi. I wasn’t on the same pill as you but did take a pill with no breaks. I had spotting a lot with it and pain. This was before my laps. I find that when I bleed my hip pain does get worse only on one side. It could be ligaments are tight or possibly endo related x


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