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Banging my head against brick wall

Does anyone else feel like this in the UK? Its like no one can bothered to deal with me.

I’m having such a big flare up and the moment, my pain is an 8. I went to my GP yesterday and he said other than taking my codeine and other painkiller there’s nothing more they can do and if it gets much worse then to go up hospital. My pain got progressively worse early hours of this morning I had to call for anbulance. They gave me some morphine which eased the pain for about an hour and then dumped me in a&e to wait for hours. A&e sent me to the urgent care walk in centre and they said to come back to the gynaecologist ward at 2pm who can help manage my pain. I then waited an hour to be seen by an awful gynaecologist who wasn’t that sympathetic and just said I need to take the mini pill and referred me back to my GP so I’ve been round the whole system in 24 hours only to be told I need to go back to GP. It’s just a waste of time. I feel like I can’t live like this anymore.

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Omg I know exactly how you feel babe! The amount of times I’ve wanted to scream and bang my head against a wall is unbelievable haha. I have to go back to the doctors in the morning for an urgent appointment. Like in pain 24/7 and I have ovarian cyst that feel like they are moving or something it hurts that much.

I always get hormone pills and painkillers thrown at me for the past year and none have helped so I get looked at weird by the doctors and gynae.

The only one who really helped was an endo specialist at spire and my GP is going against his opinion of needing a lap and possibly treating endo if found. Like how can someone go against a specialists opinion really confusing me


Omg Lauz87 that sounds like a pretty awful few days for you.

Let me assure you, you are not the only one, the doctors always seem to say 'Oh you have endo' then say u have a specialist so theres nothing more i can do.

I've been to a&e 3/4 times, once I didn't even get past triage.... told to take cosine and that as I gave a specialist they couldn't help wtf!!!

Most of the other times I've been given strong painkillers, had bloods and then sent on my way. Apart from 1 time when I spent 12 hours on the emergency surgery ward only to be told...... go home.!!!!!!

It's frustrating, annoying and demoralizing to feel unheard and not believed, but you are not alone xxxx


So sorry to hear about your suffering. Ask to be referred to a endo center, you need treatment ASAP. Do not take no from your GP for an answer. Those centers are life savers. Also start a clean diet - anti inflammatory diet - without gluten, sugar and milk products. I was reluctant to start diet but gosh, it helped so much. My pain has gone down from 8 to 2-3 now only with diet. And when I sin and eat something wrong, I get pain the next day, So it works. Good luck.


I went and saw a consultant at the spire. I ignored my gps advice because it was to have the coil.

My consultant told me that would have been the worst thin to give me personally.

He didnt require authorisatuon from my gp to do anything. He placed me on the nhs prostap under his clinic and care.

Gps arent aware of endo as a disease. They contribute it to just painful periods. There is still so many question marks over the condition that they dont know how to proceed.

Best to seek medical help from a endo specialist.

Its frustrating and it hurts to be told that you dont have a problem when you know that there is something wrong.

You have to keep fighting.

Keep strong. My thoughts are with you. You are not alone x


Hello Lauz87 ,

Yes, have to say this is pretty normal in UK, increasingly so!

You're lucky that at least they gave you morphine! I've been given codeine, Tramadol & similar painkillers (which didn't work at all) and a very rude doctor even told me over the phone that if had pain then I should go to Sainsbury's to buy Paracetamol (while I was waiting to be seen in A&E)!!

To cut a long story short, fast forward a year later (still suffering) and after having to be signed off from work for 2 weeks, due to the incapacitating lower abdominal pain, nauseas, vomiting and other bowel related symptoms, I finally get referred for an ultrasound scan to be told they could see evidence of a ruptured cyst on left ovary with free fluid floating in pelvic area. All that time I suffered in silence until it burst because no doctor bothered to take me seriously and continue investigating.

Although that wasn't the whole cause of my chronic pain, I still continue with severe bad pain meaning I have to take time off work regularly, still doctors do not do a damn thing about it and that includes private specialists!

Something seriously needs to change in the way they handle patients.

We are currently just going round in endless circles, from doctor to doctor like an endless match of ping-pong and I am now really tired of it.


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