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Not been diagnosed yet but does this sound like Endo to you? (Sorry for long post)

I went the doctors in September because I’d had continuous bleeding for a several months with some pelvic pain - she treated me for bacterial vaginosis which a swab said it wasn’t. I went back because the bleeding was heavier and the pelvic pain was getting worse- keeping me awake at night. She prescribed Provera and Tranexamic Acid and the bleeding did stop. I had a scan which ruled out cysts, fibroids and polyps. GP asked me to stop Provera and Tranexamic to see if this induced bleeding again which it promptly did so was put back on it. Was also prescribed Amitriptyline just before Christmas and was told I would be referred to Gynaecology. A few weeks ago the bleeding returned worse than ever and last week the pain escalated - 2 nights I was awake doubled over in excruciating pain. I rang my GP surgery on Monday for an urgent appointment to be told that I didn’t need one. I had a telephone appointment with the nurse Practitioner who said that I had to put up with the bleeding until I saw Gynaecology as they couldn’t do anything about it and prescribed me some Zapain for the pain and told me to increase my Amitriptyline.

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Hey hun

Do sorry your in so much pain hugs to you.

It could be endo or could be something completely different, it's good youve got a referral to gynae. But hun if the pains to much and your pain relief isn't working don't hesitate to go back to the drs. The least they can do is manage your pain. Once you find out what's going on then you can work natural remedies into your life to try control symptoms. I hope you don't have endo I also hope you get answers and it can easily be sorted. Good luck hun keep us updated.💗🤗😘


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