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Please help very panicked :(

Hello everyone!

I hope all is well. I'm 19 and have had unbearable periods since I was 11. I been on the pill now for almsot 5 years, aside from the pill injection (Depo-Provera) which I had only for 6 months because of terrible mood swings. I have no been diangoised with endometriosis at the moment. However I am soon to have a lap in March. My periods/withdrawal bleed is described as a deep burning snesation like a 'fireball' going around my insides.

I've had right side pain for awhile (leg/hip ect) past few weeks I've had more pelvic/ stomach pain o n the right the doctor thought it was appendicitis at one time, it was confirmed not to have been. Since then I been on edge every right hand pain I get, my imagination runs wild thinking if I do have endo do I have it on that organ. I'm meant to have a withdrawal bleed since it's been 3 months since my last. And honestly, I'm so scared to have this period I don't want anything bad to happen to my organs or to progress. I might continue to take the pill. Im not sure on my wits- end. Even now I got right side pain. Additionally, I can get constipated verry easily but I been like it all my life so not too much of a concern.

Does anyone think I'm worrying over nothing?

All answers will be very much appreciated x

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I had a sharp pain in my right ovary/side for 3 years, and was convinced endo would be surrounding it and it would have to be taken out. My lap came back negative and I was told everything was completely normal and the pain was probably my bowels. I've always suffered with my pelvic floor and while doing exercises I managed to hit a pressure point that made that whole area tense and then it clicked that it came from years of anxiety and holding my stress in my pelvic floor and that had radiated into my pelvis and caused the pain.

Doctors will probably dismiss it as the above, which is frustrating, but I wouldn't worry yourself that it's something drastic, it probably is just bowels or muscles but there's nothing you can do about it til you have your lap so try not to worry, easier said than done I know! x

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Oh wow that is a very long time to have pain in a specific area. It's so hard to distinguish where the pain is coming from since we have so many organs in close proximity lower down. I did hear endo on the appendix is very rare like 3% that if I even have it, but pains do make your stress levels rise don't they haha. Thank you very much for such a quick reply again very much appreciated! x

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Hi there,

I'm 18 and like you get very anxious about pains etc being related to endo. I have yet to have my first lap but will have it soon and every time something goes wrong I think it could be because of that and know how stressful and scary it is. I would advise speaking to a doctor about your anxiety as they may be able to help and even give you something to take to calm it (I take Sertraline) until you have your operation and know whats going on. Hope this might help and good luck with your lap x

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Hey! yes the worry takes over me sometimes. Good news you will have your lap soon for some answers. I might do any right side pain I get I think its my appendix since the doctor mentioned it that one time haha when i get the rare pain on the left side I find it refreshing. I hope all is working for you including your tablets. Thank you very much for your reply and good luck with yours too x


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