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So my endo story has had a dramatic turn!

I know that a lot of you guys have had a longer and more difficult journey however for me my stage 4 endo has been there from the day I started my periods till hopefully now!

Last Thursday I got a horrendous shooting pain of which I thought another cyst I had had burst. Turns out it did but it was inside my ovary! My other cyst which was already due to be removed in the next two weeks had grown and moved behind my utreus pulling my ovary and tube with it and forcing pressure on my utreus!

I went in for an emergency operation two days later as they saw a shadow on my right ovary and saw the pain I was in and extremely strong pain relief wasn’t working! Exactly 15 minutes before going up to theatre I caught my consultant going past my room and asked if I could change my consent form, we had a chat and agreed!

Long story cut short my laparoscopy turned into a laparotomy and my consultant which I doubted for soo long has managed to pull my tubes up from my pelvic floor and separate them from my ovaries! Both cysts were inside my ovaries instead of on the side and he removed both! And to top it off by some miracle all my endo behind my utreus had cleared up and he’s managed to cut/burn the rest out!

We’re hoping that I will need to go on treatment of some sort for 6months and I shall hopefully be endo free!

I’m super excited for my future and not letting this horrible horrible condition take over my life! I can finally be a 19year old care free girl!

I truly truly hope that everyone who is going through this journey gets sorted quickly and eagerly! Xxx

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Oh wow poor you that sounds very stessful with the emergency surgery. Really good you got such good results from surgery and have a plan. Good luck for your recovery xx

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That is amazing news! I'm also 19 and pain can really ware you down when you see others the same age do things 19 year olds do. Make sure you have a restful recovery and good luck for the rest of your journey, very inspiring story :)

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It’s awful isn’t it! Getting invited out to events etc and just being able to go because of pain or medication! Thankyou!! X

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