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Endo on the bowel and lung symptoms?

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I’ve got endo at least around my ovaries and deep ligaments (ovaries stuck to the uterus), but haven’t had a lap yet. I have had an endoscopy and colonoacopy done twice, first 4 years back with no problems and now recently. However this time i had EXCRUCIATING pain in both. I am talking about pain that made me scream, like simple torture. There was nothing wrong either time, except slight marks of Chron’s. Now i am baffled with the pain - trying to figure out what caused it! The doctors said nothing about what could cause it. If there is endo on the bowel, is this a possible symptom? The MRI of the bowel was normal.

Also, i start coughing towards the end of my cycle, and feel as if i have water in my right lung. There was nothing on the scan. Can this also be a sign of endo?

Thanks :)

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