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Anyone else pass out while trying to *ahem* poo?

Hi there, I'm having a bit of a nightmare. I'm in the middle of treatment for Endometriosis - had 4 prostap injections, due to see Endo specialist beginning of Feb for results of MRI and to discuss surgery - I'm already on the waiting list for surgery with the Endo specialist and colorectal surgeon. Although the Prostap has definitely helped, my bowel symptoms haven't completely gone away - I'm still having horrific pain and episodes of passing out. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced passing out whilst on the loo?

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I dont pass out (I think I have a high pain tolerance) but mine has got worse I dont want to go to the loo anymore but when I cant I want to 😂


Haha, what we have to put up with! Well it’s only happened twice thankfully, the pain was just the worst pain I have ever felt, and I would say my pain tolerance is high too. I’m back to see the Endo specialist in a couple of weeks so I’ll mention it then.

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Hahaha I know right 😂 I'm in a awkward position as well I dont know if mines endo or caused by gastro problem or both 😂 Its good its only happened twice 😮 I'm going to mention it to my specialist I finally get to meet 😂


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