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Surgery to remove adhesion?

Hi guys,

I got diagnosed with endo a few years back and they said my right ovary was adhered to my colon (woo!) and have since then been on the mini pill which is working great. I do still feel the "pull" on my ovary, which is more of a niggle than a pain.

In the (hopefully near) future I would like to try and get pregnant, however I would have to come off the pill and I'm scared to go back to painful sex and monthly agony when the usual cysts form.

I know that surgery to remove the adhesion and look at the damage to my ovary/tube is an option but I've heard so many horror stories about it going wrong. Whether its people coming out of it in more pain, or adhesion's forming again shortly after surgery, I'm beginning to doubt if this is a good option even if it is possibly the best option.

There is another potential worry that if I do not have surgery and I'm somehow fertile enough to get pregnant, the adhesion might cause pain though-out the pregnancy. It is something I am terrified of. If it's anything like the pain I had previously I would rather adopt.

I am trying to way up the pros and cons of having the surgery vs leaving it. Is there anywhere I can find statistics on this type of thing? How many

people here have had successful experiences with surgery? Do many people find that their adhesion's tear naturally during pregnancy?

Any help would be so so appreciated! I feel like I'm going round in circles.

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I’m not sure I can help with any exact statistics - there is a Facebook group about research on endo where that kind of question might be answered but I’m afraid I can’t remember what it’s called, someone else on here might be able to help out?

Re the surgery, I have had 2 laps now - one just to diagnose (it was too extensive for them to do anything about straight away) and another last week to free my adhesions and remove nodules. Me and my husband will also be ttc once I’m recovered, and from what I know surgery improves your fertility for a time following surgery often.... my doc told me about 1 year. Also it’s good because when they do a lap they can do a fill and spill test on your tubes and see what your ovaries look like which can be reassuring, or if there are problems they can spot them and obviously advise you and hopefully recommend other treatments to help conception.

Again I can’t tell you for sure as I’m not a doctor but from what I have read I haven’t heard anything about adhesions tearing in pregnancy - once you manage to conceive from what I remember the books say your pregnancy should be the same as any other really although you might feel more pain than if you didn’t have endo.

Hope it helps,


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