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I was wondering if anyone can offer and advice, since my op a year ago I’m having a lot of bowel problems but it’s got to the point some days I can’t pass wind or stools as it feels completely blocked then I feel quite uncomfortable and have pain. Does this sound like a prolapse? The help I’m getting is useless from my GP and local gastro consultants. If it’s been blocked for a while when I do go I have a sudden burst of blood front and back. Any help/advice would be really appreciated xx

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With symptoms like that you need to go back to your gynae I think.

Was it a bsge consultant (if not then get a referral to one instead)? and was the surgery for bowel endo?

I had a bowel shave 6months ago and have had digestive issues but nothing like you describe and no blood involved..

Before my surgery my bowel was distorted out of position and the whole a bit compressed by adhesions and I would faint and have pain but again no blood. I had a sigmoidoscopy which cleared me for endo inside the bowel.


It was under a bsge consultant, they did have to remove endo off the bowel. Since then I’ve also had horrible digestive issues, pretty much from day 1 of that surgery.

I’ve had a sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy & endoscopy. I mention the issues I’m dealing with and don’t really get a response but this is general gastro consultants. I wondered if I would be better going back to my consultant. Silly question but will my GP need to refer me back?


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