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First Laprscopy - Mild Endometriosis

Hi x

Just looking for advise as I feel no one really knows or understands Endometriosis when I speak to them.

I am 23 years old, I have suffered for about 3 years with pain etc and the doctors finally took me seriously and I had a laproscopy yesterday (very sore today :(.. )

On the notes, the doctor said she found Mild Endometriosis and said she burned it away. Thas all she said, didn’t advise where abouts she found it or anything and by the time I had actually came round from the Anaesthetic, she wasn’t around to ask questions , ofcourse I am going to ask for a full report when I speak to my doctors.

When you have mild Endometriosis does it stay mild? Or can it get worse? I know it can come back after being burned away but as it’s mild has anyone experienced it come back worse even tho it starts mild?

And also I am worried obviously if it will affect me having children later on down the line if it does come back worse or leaves scars?

Just wanted to see if anyone has any advise or have similar experiences they can share x x

Thank you

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Hi Tc94,

I am sorry to hear you are sore post op. My hot water bottle and peppermint tea is always my savior post op! And of course a good rom com.

Most people get a post operative follow up appointment to discuss the findings and treatment/management of symptoms going forward. I once didn't get this so I asked my GP to refer to for one.

I had mild endo when I was first diagnosed and have had 3 laps with one ablation over the years. I am now at stage 4 awaiting my 4th lap for excision/bowel surgery but that doesn't mean to say your will develop again. Everyone is different. A close friend of mine had her lap and ablation surgery and never had symptoms again. Everyone is different.

If you ever need anyone to talk too our support groups and helpline are always there to help: endometriosis-uk.org/get-su...

Best Wishes,

M Mary, Endometriosis UK


Thank you so much for your reply, really helps - hot water bottle has been a big help. I am going to book an appointment to follow up as I have no idea where abouts they found the endo, what stage it was at etc and it would be nice to know!

I’m currently using the micorgynon contraceptive pill to help.

Thanks again x x


I was diagnosed with mild endo last September and it was removed and now 4 months later I am in agony and debating getting referred back to my gynae xx


Sorry to hear that :( Probably best to go back to gynae so they know your in agony again!

I hope you feel better soon xx


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