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Recommend after sugery

I had radical excision surgery just about 2 years ago now. I never got any relief from it and am still at home in pain everyday. I also bleed from both ends everyday and have no days off. I am now with NHS and an in mirena and pill (for about 8 months now) this hasn’t helped anymore and the bleeding is still very heavy with clots. I was just wondering if anyone else has been in similar boat and what they have done next? Xx

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Hi Emma, I've had extensive radical excision surgeries for extensive and widespread endometriosis. My operations were long and gruelling and helped for a bit but the effect didn't last.

I'm on Zoladex injections and also Arimidex tablets. Both help to stop your body producing oestrogen but are quite drastic solutions. They work for me although not completely but my quality of life is immeasurably better.

Nothing else has helped but these two drugs. Other drugs such as painkillers treat the symptoms but do nothing about the disease.

I had hysterectomy and ovaries removed 14 year ago, that didn't work either. I too had rectal bleeding. Obviously there was a benefit from the hysterectomy but my agonising pain and even some occasional rectal bleeding continued.

I do hope this helps.

Good luck, xx


Ugh....I just wanted to say I really feel for both of you gals, bleeding both ends, oh my that's awful! I hope you do see at least a few minutes or hours in the day with some pain relief.



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