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Any alternative to hormone treatment


i've been diagnosed with Endo for 7 years now and had numerous ops and numerous hormone treatment. I've recently moved and therefore transferred Gyno who wanted to do a full check on me before making any further recommendations. Unfortunately, one of my symptoms of Endo is pain during intercourse, which means every time i go for an internal examination, i tense up, making it difficult for the Gyno to do a full assessment. As a result, i was sent away for a further 6 months, with no other medication or pain relief, just told to use some equipment that i have to insert myself to become comfortable with the idea of being examined....needless to say i don't think this was the best action the Gyno could have taken.

In the meantime, i feel like my Endo is getting much worse and i'm not being able to control it very well. Can anybody advise what they would do in my situation please?

Also - has anyone come across any medication that is non-hormonal?

Thanks in advance


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