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I'll apologise now as this could be a long post.

I'm 22 and since starting my period they have always been heavy and painful. I went on the depo provera injection at 17 as it seemed to help with my period, within a year they had vanished competley although I would still get terrible back and stomach pain.

i had a miscarriage in July 2016 and due to problems with blood hormone levels they kept scanning me internally. During one of these scans the consulatant noticed I had inflammation and fluid around my right ovary. Nothing else was said about this.

Fast forward to the past 6 months and I have been experiencing extreme back and stomach pain along with pain when I need to go to the bathroom. This usually disappears shortly after I have been. I have had recurrent urine and kidney infections, bleeding in between depo injections(I have never experienced this), kidney pain, lower tummy pain, pain in my lower right and left abdomen which is almost like a burning sensation and usually disappears after a few minutes. Along with this I have also had persistent tiredness and headaches. I've been to see my gp on multiple occasions but have been fobbed off with buscopan, antibiotics and co/codamol and told to come back In a few weeks if it doesn't get any better. None of this seems to be helping and the pain has left me unable to do daily activities it's gotten so bad.

I have two young kids so I'm just looking for some advice on how to get my doctor to listen to me and how I could possibly manage the pain/symptoms.


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My doctor thought I needed anti depressants - offer declined! You just need to tell them that you’re experiencing pain and suspect endometriosis and ask for a referral. Unfortunately I had no idea about endometriosis, I just figured I was one of the unlucky ones who got bad period pain even when it wasn’t my time with irregular cycles - they said I couldn’t have pcos because I’m not overweight. Turns out I did but I only found out after my referral and stage 3 endo x


My doctor actually offered me antidepressants also, I’ve declined as I don’t have any symptoms that I would associate with depression other than tiredness. Hopefully with enough pushing they’ll refer me. Constantly being put out the door with a new painkiller/antibiotic to try and even after mentioning endo to them they just say that I’ve had 2 children and it’s usually associated with infertility so they won’t do any investigations!

Thanks for the reply x


google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theg... - check out this link. It’s so annoying, I have a child and I couldn’t conceive the second time around. They told me to hang in there, even though I had gone to them about reoccurring water infections, unexplained cramping, unusually long cycles. Your one step ahead of the game by having an idea about what you may have - I was clueless xx


I’ve been put on all sorts of medication, I also got offered antidepressants because apparently they help with stomach pain. I never took mine as I didn’t want the side effects but that may be why they tried to give them to you.


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