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Diagnosed with Endometriosis and worried about not getting pregnant

Hi I'm Thulani. I had a laparoscopy in December and I have just seen my consultant on Monday 8/1/18 and i was told i have endometriosis and going on injection for 6 month's. My worry now after reading some post is can you get pregnant while on the treatment, my boyfriend wanted to try for a baby and I'm not sure if I do not go for the treatment do I have high chances of getting pregnant or not?if not I would want to get the treatment but also some post were saying it takes 3-12 months for ovaries to start working properly again. Help highly needed as soon as possible please. I'm 31 a.

Thank you all.

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You need to speak with your doctor and ensure you fully understand any implication of treatment you’re offered. The injection is most likely a GNRH like prostap in which you shouldn’t get pregnant but if you did it would be bad for the baby. So please ensure you understand what’s in offer before going ahead. You can always refuse that treatment if it doesn’t fit where you are in your life right now.


Thank you so much. I just called the doctors waiting for a call back and also left a messagefor my consultant as he is not back till Tuesday but I have to start injection on Monday. So I will get all the answers before going ahead.


If it’s Prostap or similar then although it’s unlikely you would conceive while on the medication it’s possible but would be dangerous for the baby as mentioned above.

Please make sure that you ask about this and exactly what treatment is being suggested and why, it seems like you weren’t given very much information in your appointment xxx


Thank you.


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