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Lumps in pelvic area - endometriosis or lymph nodes?

Hello ladies,

After seven years of symptoms (which got so bad last year that I was unable to work for several months), my GP finally referred me to a gynaecologist; who thinks I have endometriosis.

I am, unfortunately, still on the waiting list for my laparoscopy. However, in the meantime, I wondered if anyone on here may share the same symptoms as me.

Besides fatigue and pelvic/abdominal/leg pain, I also have several lumps in my groin (in the crease between my thigh and pubic bone) which can be felt through the skin and have been swollen, and painful to the touch, for over a year.

I had an ultrasound on these long before I was referred to my gynaecologist, which reported that the lumps are swollen lymph nodes and nothing to worry about.

My gynae hasn't commented on them, but I've recently noticed that they seem to become larger and more painful around my period.

Has anyone else had this? Are these likely to be lymph nodes or could this be somehow be endometriosis?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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That’s not a symptom of endometriosis, so I would be surprised if it is an endo growth. That location is where lymph nodes are, so that’s more likely what it is.

Have you had a sexual health check lately? Different stds can cause the lymph nodes to swell. Maybe get an overall check done (swabs, bloods etc) to check all your vitamin levels, too.


They've been swollen for over a year and I've had tests


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