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Endometriosis is the devil in my life, I’ve just had enough of it and I can’t cope with it anymore! It’s been almost six years of hell, six years of suffering, six years of painful days and nights, six years of not being me, six wasted years of my life!! 5 laparoscopies and hyesteroscopies, lots of emergency and hospital stays, endless GP and Gynaecologist appointments, lots of scans, tests, examinations and medications! Lots of Natural healthy supplements, natural medications and remedies and treatments, all of this and much more couldn’t conquer this awful illness!

The pain is unbearable and I had enough of popping tons of dizzying pills which isn’t working anymore and causing more damage to my body! I’m on the verge of loosing it, there is too much to handle and to put up with! I need your help and advice on what can I do to be able to live with this chronic illness and if any of you tried anything that actually worked at least to reduce the pain naturally? Pls no false marketing advice!

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:( I'm so sorry you're having such a horrible time. Endometriosis definitely sucks! Have you tried attending a support group in your area (Endometriosis UK have a list on their site) they also have a helpline which I found really helpful the last time I felt like giving up. I'm currently in the process of trying nutrional therapy but I've only just had my first surgery to remove endo last month, so I wouldn't want to recommend it just yet as it's early days xx


Huge hugs. I've only been struggling 2 or 3 years and only had 2 ops so you are amazingly strong to have survived this far.

I found an immune system pro biotic , ginger and turmeric along with reducing fodmaps, and eliminating alcohol, dairy and gluten and adopting a low acid diet have helped bloating and inflammation associated discomfort.

I'm also seeing a pain specialist for my post op nerve pain which he says an I jection may help. He says after 6 months I am healed and most of my pelvic pain is due to the pain system itself being overloaded and that there is some stuff you can do psychologically to try to help it. Have you been to a pain management clinic or seen a specialist at all?

Hang in there xxx

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