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Uterosacral Affected by Endo

Hi I’ve just joined this site and wondering if anyone has similar symptoms as me

Seen gynaecologist in November and due to have laparoscopy next week

I have been suffering for five years now and worst symptom is sciatic type pain which kicks in few days before period and can last up to two weeks , this is getting worse and causes me severe pain when walking causing me to limp significantly and at worse points needing to use crutches as pain is so bad when putting weight on painful leg

It can also change from one side to another

Someone mentioned to me about Endo affecting uterosacral ligament

Has anyone else had this issue many thanks

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Hey I had endo on my right uterosacral ligament and this was excised in Oct. Would say I didn't have siatic type pain from it, but a lot of pressure when my bladder was full and lots of cramping when I did abdominal exercise. Everyone is different obviously and this is just my experience. The pain also didn't change sides it was always on my right side where the endo was located.


Many thanks for your reply , had lap today found endo on both uterosacral ligaments so I guess that hopefully explains why it moves between both


Hello, I also had endo on my right uterosacral ligament, I had sciatica too which was unbearable and got worse. I had my second lap two weeks ago so fingers crossed I'm over the worst of it. Hope your lap will clear it up 😀 x


Hi thanks for your reply , had lap today and found endo on right and left uterosacral ligaments and ovaries so am now considering further surgery , be really interested to hear how it goes for you many thanks x


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