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In limbo just now!

Hi everyone,

I had a beautiful boy via c-section 19 months ago and after section surgeon asked me if I knew I had endometriosis, this was news to me! Obviously never paid much attention to what he said when I had a beautiful baby to look at but he said my left ovary was stuck to my womb in surgery. Anyway I’ve had emotional struggles and irritability for many months now and put it down to post natal depression perhaps! But In last three months really sore lower back pain and increased fatigue with severe back pain and lower left abdo pain in 3/5 days before period due. Also period starting with old blood but not really heavy just weird consistency. I have nausea and just feel so flat! Very bloated and back so tender ! Boobs have been sore on and off for a week. I’m not sexually active as has treatment to have my son in same sex relationship. Just been to private clinic very lovely consultant who offered me choice of laparoscopy, injection to stop ovulation or pill. I’ve opted for laparoscopy as want to know what’s going on. I’ve been off work past two months right before period due to such painful back and no energy. I guess I’m just after some reassurance that I’m doing right thing!

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Hang in there! What a blessing to have your baby boy. Congratulations. I had the same with the black/brown bleeding for 5-9 days each cycle before becoming “normal”. Found keeping moving and not dwelling on the abdo/side/back pain was my best medicine. The laparoscopy helped for a few years as they removed as much as they could. I found an incredible naturopath who made me feel “normal” and helped incredibly with the moods, pain and weird bleeding ... 25 years later had a full hysterectomy done.


Yes absolutely, hopefully they remove it as they find it. They did with me, you’ll know the extent of the damage that way and what you’re options are if you decide to have any more babies. Xx


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