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Urine infection

Hi everyone,

I’m 26, had 3 laps with 1 extensive op Mar17 to remove growths and cysts. After my last op I felt ok and had a couple of periods after not having them for a few years. My pain has come back and I’m into my first month on the prostap injection to help with pain as I didn’t want another operation. Initially it was manageable but my side effects seem to of got worse and I feel like I’ve started with cystitis!?

Has anyone else ever had this with endo, prostap or PID?!

I’ve never suffered with it before but I’m presuming that’s what it is!?!

Does anyone have any advice or may know of anything else it could be?

I’m reluctant to call the doctors as I’m due another injection on Monday :(

Thank you x

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My endrometiouse had grown round my bladder so it damged it and i get cystiouse alot i was told its vert comon in people with endromtiouse to get it. Try drinking crandbery jucice and plenty of water you can also get some stuff at the cemist if you keep getting them speek to your doc and see if ur endromtiouse has effect that area. Hope this helps


Thanks Fran x


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